CEPI has compiled COVID-19-specific national requirements and guidelines to conduct clinical trials in multiple countries across the globe, together with links to the respective regulatory authorities and ethics committees, as one of the initiatives towards facilitating accelerated development of vaccines against COVID-19. The aim of this platform is to provide an open access operational preparedness database accessible to any entity involved in COVID-19 vaccine development

With the rapidly evolving COVID-19 landscape, this data is subject to regular updates from NRAs, NECs and other concerned entities depending on the country specific regulations and guidelines in conducting COVID-19 vaccine trials. While CEPI has applied utmost diligence to ensure the data is accurate and up to date, as a service to developers, it does not assume responsibility for the data.

We encourage national regulatory authorities and responsible entities to regularly update their country specific information, as applicable. You will need to log into the system using your corporate email address. This is one of the steps to ensure only qualified professionals modify the content.

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