We would welcome members of this group to briefly introduce themselves, to tell everybody what their main interests are and what what they hope to gain from the workshops.


  • paul_medigenvac_com Paul 26 Jan 2021

    Nice to e-meet. Paul - Director, Overseas Business Development for Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp. (MVC) based out of Taipei. Here to keep up-to-date and discuss all things COVID-19. Currently undergoing Phase 2 for our IM COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Pre-clinical on ID and IN.

  • Julia Granerod, Freelance Consultant. I have a background in epidemiology (PhD from LSHTM) and public health experience (Public Health England) and am working with CEPI in a medical writing capacity. I write up the reports following these fruitful workshops and look forward to discussions here within this space.

  • Professor of Tropical Epidemiology at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Member of WHO SAGE Working Group on Covid-19 vaccines and CEPI Scientific Advisory Committee. On DSMB of several COVID-19 vaccine trials. Background in clinical evaluation of vaccines, particularly Phase 2/3 trials and post licensure vaccine evaluation. Interested in clinical development of new Covid-19 vaccines and evaluations of those in use.

  • pauloloo pauloloo 22 Jan 2021

    I am Paul Oloo, Clinical Development Lead, CEPI. For the upcoming workshop, with the emergence of new variants of SARS CoV-2 virus, I will be interested to know what impact this has had on the clinical development plans of vaccine developers.

  • sonjahenne Sonja Henne 22 Jan 2021


    I am project manager of the EPI hub and of the COVAX Clinical Development SWAT Team. The SWAT Team is organising webinars on the most burning COVID-19 vaccine development topics on an ongoing basis. In order to already get input from participants before the workshop and to follow up the discussions after the workshop we have created this workshop group and will be setting up forum topics based on the workshop themes. I look very much forward to the discussions in this forum.

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