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We are looking forward to our next webinar 'Immune Correlates, SARS-CoV-2 Variants and ‘mix & match’' on 25 February and to lively discussions with all of you. The agenda includes topics such as
- Establishing a correlate from imperfect evidence – a historical perspective
- Evidence for a serological correlate of protection from animal models and planned future studies
- Observed re-infections in longitudinal natural history studies and vaccine efficacy study placebo arms: impact of neutralizing titers, variant strains
- Approaches for correlates analyses based on breakthrough cases from vaccine efficacy studies
- Evidence of contribution of cell-mediated immunity to vaccine efficacy, and utility of T cell assays to correlates analyses
- International Standard for SARS-CoV-2 immunoglobulins: Use of the existing International Standard to address new variants
- Neutralising Antibody assays against new variants: Overview of current activities
- ‘Mix & Match’: Heterologous prime-boost regimens

Please do let us know already now (as comments to this post)

- what you wish to get out of the webinar
- what are your most burning topics
- any questions you may have to the presenters

We also encourage you to open up new forum posts (before or after the webinar) around any of the webinar topics. The intention is to provide a forum here to continue the discussions beyond the webinar.

For further information on the webinar, such as the agenda or the registration details, please contact Kavita Malling (


  • cjbae Changjoon Bae 25 Feb 2021


  • sonjahenne Sonja Henne 25 Feb 2021

    Hello, Changjoon Bae! Are you in the webinar? Any feedback?

  • amolchaudhari Amol Chaudhari 25 Feb 2021

    The first half was very reassuring in establishing the relation between neutrlaising titres and efficacy. The future clinical trials of 'Wave 2' COVID vaccines may be able to lean on immunebridging approach.

  • pauloloo pauloloo 25 Feb 2021

    There is a need to understand well and determine when and whether to lean towards binding antibodies or neutralizing antibodies when assessing immune correlates against wild type virus or pseudovirus

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