SWAT Team Description: Provide cross-cutting support to COVID-19 vaccine developers in the area of diagnostics, standards, assays and animal models.

Co-Leads: Paul Kristiansen (CEPI) and Ivana Knezevic (WHO)


Preclinical Model Network 

About the network

  • Preclinical testing network of partners with capability to handle BSL3 and/or 4 pathogens, and experience with CEPI priority pathogens: MERS, Nipah, Rift Valley Fever, Chikungunya and Lassa viruses, now also SARS-COV-2
  • Includes partners who can perform high quality studies under a rigorous quality system. Research output must meet GLP or high-quality standards to generate data packages supporting submission to regulatory agencies for vaccine product development
  • Perform work in alignment with UK NC3Rs guidelines. CEPI’s funding sources require CEPI to evaluate compliance with high animal ethics standards
  • CEPI’s laboratory partners are located in Europe, US and Australia
  • Currently testing/developing models for COVID-19 infection
  • Where models are in place, preclinical vaccine testing for CEPI vaccine development partners is underway


1. Publications of model work




2. Publications of vaccine testing studies

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